My fun list

I have yet to add to the list and shall do as and when I think of the things I want to do. So, in no particular order I want to:

  1. Write a blog - Done

    Well I guess you could say that this could be ticked off the list.
  2. Go to Disney Land Paris - Done
  3. Ask a guy out on a ‘date’ - Done
    Read about that time I asked out a guy on a date >

    34 years old and I’ve never had the courage to ask any guy out. I’ve lacked confidence but you wouldn’t be able to tell by talking to me.
  4. Go to the cinema on my own - Done
    Read about when I watched a 'naughty' film with a bunch of strangers >
  5. Turn up to an airport and book a flight/holiday to a random destination.

    Just to tell you a little about me, I am someone who will get random ideas into my head and then say them out loud and obviously think it’s a great idea. I must admit, I did have this as my New Years resolution two years ago but never accomplished it.
  6. Work abroad
  7. Go to Nottinghill Carnival 
  8. Go to a few life drawing classes and/or screen printing classes.
  9. Book a birthday holiday to Vegas and Hawaii

    So.. This is a tough one as it is solely dependent on cost. I’ve never been abroad for my birthday..  Wait a minute I tell a lie, I have been abroad on my birthday. I went away on my 30th, my ex and I had recently broke up from a long term relationship. I didn’t want to believe it was over and so as any romantic dreamer would do, I booked two tickets to Tunisia in the hope that he would come with me and we could spend the time reconciling our differences.

    Imagine this, a girl who is completely heartbroken, hasn’t slept or eaten in days, a girl who hasn’t laughed or smiled for a while. I waited for my ex to turn up, but he didn’t and I knew then that it wasn’t meant to be. My stomach spoke to me and I decided to feed it. Waiting in the queue at the Cafe I walked to the counter and as I approached the gentlemen serving at the counter a Celine Dion song started to play on the radio ‘All by myself’. The guy behind the counter started to sing this song and it was at this point I burst out laughing. It was the first time I had laughed in a while and that is when I knew I was going to be ok. I enjoyed my own company in Tunisia doing my two favourite things, eating and sleeping.
  10. Have a kiss under the mistletoe
  11. Go to Bali
  12. Get a tattoo - Done
    Read about my tattoo experience >

    When I was 18 I naive and had a semi-permanent tattoo, thinking that it wasn’t permanent so I could get away with it. I got a panther tattoed as I love wild cats, they seem so mysterious, intriguing and of course wild and protective.

    Turns out tattoos don’t work like this and the person who inked me wasn’t qualified in doing so. It was a tattoo gone wrong, thankfully 15 years later all that remains is a few lines here and there. Note to self, go to a qualified tattooist.
  13. Run 10 miles in a day - Done
    Read about my training for the half marathon >

    I absolutely dislike running but found that it helped when It came to boxing, which I love. However since I moved I haven’t found a Muay Thai class near me but promised myself I’ll continue to run for fitness and NOT pleasure. Never pleasure. Never.
  14. Gate crash a wedding

    I’ve wanted to go to a random wedding and pretend that I knew the bride and groom. I’m sure there a a few of you who’ve done this but is it the same as how wedding crashes are portrayed in the movies?
  15. Have singing lessons – Done
    The singing lessons I had so far >

  16. Get an acting part.
  17. Go to Ministry of Sound – Done
    My wonderful experience of Ministry of Sound >

    I love dance music and have always wanted to go to the night club but never did.
  18. Go to a Murder mystery night or weekend
  19. Go to play bingo - Done
    Not the kind of Bingo I was expecting >
  20. Have a Photo shoot done
  21. Play the Piano or Keyboard - Done
    Read about when I bought a Piano and started to play >

  22. Write a book or start to write a book
  23. Visit Bath - Done
    Read about my weekend in Bath >

  24. Shoot a gun
  25. Visit the Cotsworld
  26. Visit the Lake District
  27. Give blood

    Don't know why I haven't given blood but I have always wanted to. 
  28. Go to a music festival – Done
    That time I volunteered at The Blackheath Festival >

  29. Do a handstand and a pull up
  30. Go to Italy for the day - Done
    Read about the day I had in the fashion capital known only as Milan >

  31. Eat a piece of honey comb - Done
    Read about the first time I ate a honey comb >

  32. Grow my hair down below my waist - Done
    Read about when I got my hair cut and dontated it >

  33. Take part in Tough Mudder - Done
    Read about how I completed a mental and physical challenge >
  34. Buy a house 
  35. TBC
  36. TBC
  37. TBC
  38. TBC
  39. TBC