Number 12 : Get a tattoo 


When I was 18 I naive and had a semi-permanent tattoo, thinking that it wasn’t permanent so I could get away with it. I had a panther tattoo above my breast. Turns out Tattoos don’t work like this and the person who inked me wasn’t qualified in doing so. It was a tattoo gone wrong, thankfully 15 years later all that remains is a few lines here and there. Note to self, go to a qualified tattooist.


So I did my research. I looked around for a design that I really liked and wanted for the rest of my life. After I found my design I went on the search for a tattoist. I looked online for the artists work and how reputable the company was. I found a place that not only had good artwork on their site but had great reviews via google review. 


I met with the artist Rose and discussed what I wanted and where I wanted the artwork. She was very nice, professional and understood what to do. She said she would design the artwork and email me. I was told that the tattoo would take approximately 4 hours. 4 hours? Wow, well ok I thought that is fair and with that I booked my appointment for three months time. Note: if the studio are fully booked for three months this is a very good sign. 


Three months passed and with a day before my appointment I received the artwork from Rose. I loved the design but wanted a slight adjustment after all I wanted to feel comfortable with what I was getting. 


12th July @ 3pm

I was very nervous the entire morning, dreading the pain and the time it would take to get my tattoo done. I made sure I had food and bought an entire bag of sweets and sugary drinks with me so that I could have this while I was getting the tattoo done. I walked through the doors of the studio and was made to fill in a disclaimer form all standard. Rose came over to me and welcomed me into her artist studio where we spoke about the tattoo designs and what I wanted to have adjusted. She went to work with editing, cutting and pasting the artwork together. I loved it and we were ready to get the ball rolling. Nervous as F... now, I have the stencil on my lower left arm and have now taken my position on the arm chair with my arm out ready to be tourtered. 



Rose set up the tattooing equipment, sat down and asked me if I was ready I nervously shreaked 'nooo, don't say that, just do it'. I heard the motor start and Rose said that the bit near my wrist would hurt the most. All I am thinking at this point with the blood draining slowly to my feet, what the heck am I doing. Calming myself down by breathing slowly in and out I feel a sharp scratching pain on my wrist and I continue to feel this and after 5 minutes I have grown to learn how to cope with the pain almost enjoying the pain. I know, don't ask it was a strange feeling I was very bored and just wanted to sleep. Rose bless her engaged in conversation to see if I was doing ok but I was. In 2 1/2 hours I was done, the tattoo was complete and I was getting wrapped up with instructions on how to take care of my tattoo. It felt so surreal, for days I thought the tattoo was going to rub off but it's been over three weeks and it's still there and I love it.