Number 13 - Run 10 miles in a day

I walked 10 miles after work one day and thought well if I can do that in less than 4 hours I most certainly could run 1/2 a marathon. It won't be that hard, right?

Monday 25th July 2016


I thought I better start training if I was going to be able to run the full 1/2 marathon in feb 2017. So after work I went out with my dog and ran 1.9 miles. All I thought was go at my own pace but work on going the distance.


It was a surprising Jog and walk as I went through the magical encharting forest and had Winston running beside me. I felt great and anxious at the same time.


Later that evening I looked at booking smaller runs before the big one next year. So I signed up to a few 5k and 10k runs to give me that motivation and target.


Each day I would get up at 5.30am and no matter the weather condition I would run 5k with Winston. Killing two birds with one stone. It was a nice start to the day but you need the motivation to get up early in the cold and rain. I may have worn a few layers to keep me from freezing in the early morning.


7th September 2017


A group of work collegues and I went to Canary Wharf to run the BHF 10k run. It was a warm evening and my very first 10k run I didn't know how I would do and was slightly dreading it.


I completed the BHF 10k run in 50minutes. I ran a little further as per usual. Very proud of myself for running the first mile in 7 minutes. I don't know who I thought I was today but this is a big achievement for me. Thank you to Bejal for being my run buddy. Thank you to Geraint for training with me.

It was tough. I'm not going to lie. I wanted to give up but I didn't. Not sure how I'll get through the 1/2 marathon but if I can do this I'm sure I can do anything.


The day of the 1/2 Marathon - 26th Febuary 2017

Run half a marathon - Checked.

This was the most I have been challenged physically. I went at a steady pace for the first 3 miles and continued to do so but it was difficult as you have others going fast and it is only natural to try and keep up.

I had hit the 6 mile mark in an 1hr and 9 mins which surprised me and encouraged me to power through. I must admit that I did walk to keep myself going. I was aching all over, it was raining, cold and as I was running beside the sea front it was colder with gushes of wind. At one point the wind was pushing me and trying to run in the wind wasn't fun.

It was nice to see people coming out to cheer the runners and hand sweets and drinks to all the runners. This certainly did make me happy to continue running. I wanted to get over the finish line to prove that I could do this and because I was running for the NSPCC. There were a lot of thoughts that ran through my mind such as 'Why would anyone run a full marathon', 'You runners are crazy', 'I can't let the lady infront beat me, got to run past her'. Loads of thoughts.

I got to the 10th mile mark and felt my ankle starting to ache which really hit me hard as my body was aching and I was cold and just wanted to give up. I was angry, angry that I was in pain but these emotions are natural. All I thought after tht was 3 more miles, I can see the finishing line I can do this.

I saw the finish line and I used whatever energy I had left to run as fast as I could. I thought I was running like a sprinter but when it turns out I was running like as if it was a slow motion video. After crossing the finishing line I smiled and laughed and loved that I did it. I completed number 13. WOOO.

Greg, Amélie and Stevie came to Brighton to cheer me on. We went for Fish and chips to celebrate. Thank you guys for coming over and supporting me. 



Thank you to all my friends, family for your support and a big thank you to all who have sponsored me. There's still time to sponsor me if you'd like to