Number 15 – Have singing lessons

Monday 13th June: First lesson

My initial thoughts were that this lesson was going to be like a horrendous audition for the x-factor but to be honest I didn’t know what to expect.


The singing tutor Tim had a welcoming, friendly and confident presence about him. We got straight into getting to know more about me and why I wanted singing lessons. I’ve always sang in private and often laughing about it but I wanted I see how I would do on a more professional level as I’ve always enjoyed singing. We spoke about the type of music I like and the level my singing voice was. I thought I had a low, almost manly voice I could sing at a higher pitch but I would struggle somewhere and end up squealing like a pig.


Tim was intrigued by my answers and wanted to hear if what I said was true. He provided a selection of songs from which I chose ‘Killing me softly’, ‘Fly me to the moon’  & ‘The sound of music’. He asked me to sing ‘Fly me to the moon’ we both sang, Tims powerful voice overpowered my weak pathetic attempt. I then sand ‘Killing me softly’ which I felt very comfortable in doing and held my own. Tim said this was my low voice and that ‘Fly me to the moon’ required a higher pitched voice.


We worked on a few vocal and breathing exercises as well as my posture to truly get the best singing tone as possible. One of the most important techniques to learn is proper shaping of primary vowels ‘Ah Eh Ee Oh Oo’. I thought I nailed it and then moved onto trying to sing ‘Fly me to the moon’ where my voice was higher, stronger and I was more confident singing this time round. This was a great lesson where I learnt more about myself and my capabilities. Don’t let people tell you can’t do something, you can.


May 2017 - Tonsillectomy and recovery

I had a few more lessons therafter but had to stop as I kept falling unwell due to having tonsilitus. After my tonsillectomy I decided I would take up lessons when I had the means and time to do so. However all that I had learned so far I continued to do so.