Number 17 - Go to Ministry of Sound


Friday 22nd April 2016


Around 9pm I met up with my friend Karen at Zebranos in Soho. We had a few drinks, danced a lot and moved onto Ministry of Sound.

When we got to Ministry I flashed my ID at the bouncer and walked straight through into the club. I was extremely happy to be at the venue and couldn’t wait to show of my LED trainers. But before that Karen and I visited the ladies where we did a few push ups, squats, bench dips, and applied our make-up. This set us up for the night ahead.


I got us a couple of G&T’s and we headed over to ‘The Box’ where the likes of Kyau and Albert and Alex Morph were playing. The music was live and the beats of the sounds moved to the lights flashing in the club. I clicked the button on my trainers and they started to flash a vivid green, red, blue and white. This. Was. Awesome.

All eyes were on my trainers, well at least I’d like to think so. I was far too drunk to comprehend who was in the club and who wasn’t. I was listening to the music and dancing away, enjoying myself.


A few more drinks and some dancing we said our goodbyes and I left the club at 5.30am. It was daylight and felt so weird walking out of a dark nightclub into the earlier hours of the streets of London.


I loved every bit of my night out and will go back to Ministry of Sound.