Number 21 - Play the Piano or Keyboard

So I thought with this one on my list I had to get a Piano or Keyboard for the home so that I can practice. A few months of searching and my luck came in. A friend had told me that his friend was selling her Piano which has been kept in storage for a while now. So just before Christmas I bought the piano called 'Whitney' and had it delivered to me. 


I started to play and it felt good. I can't read music sheets but I am very good at listening to sounds and interpreting them into sounds on the piano. This is the way I learn and play and so I started to practice.


Soon I was playing snippets of:

  • Ol lang syne
  • Happy Birthday to you
  • We wish you a Merry Christmas
  • Stand by me by Ben E. King
  • The Eastenders theme tune (remembered this one from back when I was at school and had to learn it. School education was weird)

I like to play random tunes and if I hear something that clicks I will play until I recognise it to be something I have heard before. I want to practice playing classical music. Practice. Practice. Practice. 


Listened to some of things I have been playing via my instagram page