Number 23. Visit Bath

Friday 22nd April 2016

I went on the National express bus from Victoria at 9am on Friday arriving into Bath for midday. After checking into the hotel we went out venturing for food. There was a pub close by and as it was raining we both headed into the pub which was warm and friendly. The menu was somewhat strange as the prices were questionable why are you advertising two main meals for £9 and a bottle of Rosé cost how much? £9? Is this real? I had to double check with the barlady who confirm that two meals cost £9 and the bottle of Rosé was £9 with a pint at £2.50. I think I'm so used to prices in London that this was a bit of a shock. After ordering and getting our meals we both ate, talked, laughed and drank before heading out for a walk in the drizzle. 

The hotel is so close to the centre that everything was easy to walk to and regardless of the weather we wanted to enjoy our time in Bath. 
In the evening we made our way to a restaurant the interior of the restaurant was so cool and whacky the place was big and I could imagine it getting very busy when it was warmer weather. After a bit of food and a drink or two we went to The Salamander for a few more drinks. The Salamander is a nice and welcoming place with a great selection of drinks to choose from. They even brew their own beers that they sell in kegs or bottles as gifts. 
Early Saturday morning we went to see Bath Abbey which is an amazing piece of architecture. The inside just gets bigger and bigger with Murials/plaques to those who have passed on. There was a beautiful clamming feeling while walking around taking in what I could see from the glass artwork window panes to the high ceiling.. (re-write). Be sure to take a donation (suggested £4pp) to enter the Abbey.
We went to the Roman baths next. Cost for a ticket £15 that includes free mineral spa water. Took the guide phone and walked around the exhibition listening to the history of the Roman baths. I won't give away much but there is a lot to take in and I would suggested taking 1-2 hours exploring. The Bath itself is fairly enchanting as I tried to imagine the romans walking around indulging in this bath. 

Had a coffee and carried on walking around before getting food and meeting my friend Kyle and his girlfriend for cocktails. After catching up with Kyle we went to a club/bar that was located under the bridge with access into the club on the road where cars would pass every now and again. 

The place was nice but it was time to move on and go closer to the hotel, as I went to walk out I banged my head on the 'Exit' light with a painful head and nose I had manged to walk onto the road the bouncer had to guide me back as I was about to be hit by a car. Needless to say as embarassed as I was I made a quick exit. 
I am so glad I got to visit Bath.