Number 28 - Go to a music festival 

Saturday 10th September 2016

Margo and I volunteered to help at On Blackheath Festival we worked in the morning and were later given V.I.P wrist bands to enjoy the entertainment and festival shenanigans for the afternoon/evening. 


The weather wasn't so much fun but that didn't stop me from enjoying myself. Margo and I walked into the V.I.P area where we were presented with an array of food and drinks to choose from. Of course I opted for a G&T and burger. 


After food my friends and I went to get some more drinks and I had signed up for cocktail making session. We went out of the V.I.P section to explore what was at the festival. There were a lot of independent stands and random things to do such as swing dancing with a fancy floor. Imagine swing dancing in the rain with your friends. It is a lot of fun.

As it was raining I had a thin plastic almost cling film like poncho. This kept the clothes dry but not so much my face and definitely wasn't warm. We headed back to the V.I.P section where we got (yes the drinks were free) a few drinks before heading towards the music stage to see a few bands.

The dancing, music, drinking, laughing and fun continued on up until 10pm/11pm. I enjoyed the festival and yes I know that this wasn't a true festival experience in the sense of being covered in mud and having to use portaloos covered in... well let's not think about that. This was my kind of festival and I'm glad I did it.