Number 30. Go to Italy for the day


I always thought it would be fun to go away for the day and when I saw that Ryan air had flights to go to Italy for £20 return I booked them.


I couldn't wait to go and eat Italian food and exploring Milan. I had to get up very early in the morning to get to Stansted aiport. It was refreshing to just walk through to security as I didn't have any liquids to carry or luggae to check in.


When I got to Malpensa I caught a train for 10 euros to get me into Central Milan. Central Milan station didn't look welcoming, it was industial with a lot of men selling knock offs and guards with guns hanging around. Still I thought let me walk and see where I get to. 


I ended up walking a fair bit but enjoyed every part of my walk as I got to see a lot of Milan. I came across this beautiful cathederal that took my breath away. Such a gothic piece of architecture. 


Milan Catherderal known as Duomo di Milano.

After a long walk (5 hours) I started to crave some food. I found a little cafe called 'Antico Caffe' that boasted a lot of character. I ordered the special Gnocchi and a glass of red wine. I love to people watch (not in a creepy way), as I ate my lunch I would look over at the other tables and watch how the Italians would eat and enjoy their food while engaging in conversation often using a lot of hand gestures. It was beautiful to watch and I felt so relaxed having my delicious Gnocchi.

After a pleasant lunch I went to explore the rest of Milan. I noticed how well dressed people were. The ladies would have fur coats and designer outfits while the men would wear suits and smart coats and scarfs. We are in the heart of the fashion world after all so why the heck not. 

I saw so much and felt really pleased that I had decided to do this trip. My time in Milan was nearly up and with that I walked back to central Milan. Before getting onto the train to the airport I decided to grab a cheeky glass of wine. I went to the nearest restaurant to the station so that I was within walking distance should I need to leave in a haste.

I ordered my glass of wine and sat beside the window so that I could watch the world go by while sipping on my wine. One of the waitor would walk over to speak to me a few times, he then approached me and handed over a plate with a slice of pizza that I hadn't ordered. He said it was on the house and then walked away. Was this Milans way of doing things, with drinks you get Pizza. Nice I am not in any way shape or form complaining, London should take note. Who needs peanuts. 


The waitor approached me for the final time and asked where I was from. We spoke for a while before he said why don't you stay, you could stay with me and exlpore more of Milan. I mean as tempting (no way tempted) as that sounded I decided to make a quick exit. Paid for my drink and off I went. 

As I was walked back to mine at a quater to midnight I felt as though I had been away for a week. I would throughly recommend anyone to go away for a day trip somewhere. Perhaps my next trip can be the random one I want to do.