Number 31: Eat a honey comb

Live always been interviewed to know what a honey comb taste like. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of honey but I do like it in my tea for when I have a sore throat. My curiosity grew and I thought it’s about time I got me some honey. 


If I was going to try a honey comb for the first time I wanted to get the best and so I had a look at local honey businesses. I came across the ‘Honey man’ local honey who sell honey bees, honey in jars and honey combs. I went to the store and bought a piece of honey comb to take home and try. I was advised that the wax could be eaten but may some people don’t like the taste of it. Good to know.

I took the honey home to try with a cup of tea. I was very excited and as I put my spoon into the honey I could see the honey ooze out. It looked yummy but the smell wasn’t appealing, in fact the smell was putting me off from eating any of the honey. Needless to say I tried the honey with the wax and without... it was very sweet and I didn’t like it but know that I would learn to like it if I wanted to. Very happy that I tried my first honey comb, if I was presented with another I would try it but I wouldn’t go out to buy one piece for myself.

Any honey fans out there?