Number 32 - Grow my hair down below my waist

My hair used to be very long as a child and I used to have it cut short and then grow it long again. However in my adult years it has been very difficult to grow it as long as I used to have when I was younger. So I challeneged myself to grow it down below my waist. Being someone who doesn't like the experience of going to a hair salon this felt like cheating as I didn't have my hair cut for over year. 


For years I wanted a drastic new short look but everytime I did go to the hair dressers they would give me the same fucking look. Layers! What the? Why would you do that? I thought hair dressers craved brave people who were willing to let the hairdressers go wild on someones hair?


So this time I booked my hair appointment with Not Another salon as they seemed like a fun place from what I saw on Instagram and I liked the vivid colours they used on their clients. I had mentioned upon booking my appointment that I wanted to keep my locks as I was donating the hair to Little Princesses.


On the day of my hair cut I was very excited and didn't have time for the shit-my-hair-is-going-to-be-short-nerves to kick in. Salma my hair dresser understood what I was looking for and advised what was best. She went straight to it and soon the long hair was all gone. It was happening, I was getting the look I always wanted.. Or was I?


Cuts her and there with style to the side and back I was done. It was short and I didn't recognise myself in the mirror. I had to come back another day to the salon to get my hair colour as the appointment was booked for another day. Off I went out into the world with this new short hair and boy was it cold. 


I wasn't used to the new me and had no idea what hair products I had to used in order to maintain the style. I called the salon to ask what hair clay they used and rushed into Boots to buy something similar. 


It wasn't so bad I got used to it and soon I was about to get my colour added to this new cut. I had to go blonde first and then the colour of choice. Originally I wanted Grey but I was advised against it as I was someone who washed my hair on a regular bases.


So I went with blue and the results were beautiful. I am very happy with my new look and I think Winston likes it too. 

I think I may go even shorter next time. 


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