Number 33 - Take part Tough Mudder

Last year my friend Gareth and I briefly thought it would be a good idea to book our tickets for Tough Mudder in London. We obviously didn't realise what we were in for. 


I trained as much as I could for the event but it wasn't good enough as I still looked the same but had grown pea sized bicep muscles. Nonetheless I wasn't going to be deterred and proceeded to make plans for the event.


This is us before the event. We may be smiling but we are shitting our pants, anticipating what we have got ourselves in for.

The weather was hot we were warned to take it easy throughout the course due to the heat. The what I can only describe as a retired wrestler introduced the course and made all pledge an allegiance. We all did it and were pumped to get out there to tackle the course. 


The first obstacle was to crawl in mud under barbwire. I am pretty sure it was manure and not mud. Crawling through shit can be tough I guess. The second was a wall we had to climb over. I loved that strangers were helping one another get over or through each obstacle. It was truely a team effort. I soon started to enjoy the event. 


Eventually Gareth and I had nearly completed the course and were on the last obstacle 'the human pyramid'. We were both happy to jump into the water to cool off. I look at Gareth be the base of the pyramid. He told me to climb ontop of him to get to the top. There was no way my wet ass was going to be able to do this... A guy approached me and said 'Do you need a hand', yes I immediately replied and he and his friends started to form the rest of the pyramid. Soon I was at the top and helping others get to the top too.


The smiles are genuine, the dirty faces are real, both happy to have done what we challenged ourselves to do. We are ready to take part in Tough Mudder full for 2019.